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Energy Performance Certificates

The Energy Certificate, also known as the Energy Performance Certificate (ΠΕΑ) is required for:

  • Rent a single or part of a building.
  • Any sale of a single or part of a building.
  • For the posting of an advertisement (in the press or on the internet) for the sale or lease of a building, the issuance of an EIA is required for the indication of the energy category of the building in the advertisement.
  • Upon completion of the construction of each new or radically renovated building.
  • For home building inclusion in the home savings program.
  • The energy upgrade arbitrarily, with offsetting up to 50% of the original fine.
  • All buildings of the public & wider public sector.

Which buildings are excluded from the Energy Certificate? Excluded from the obligation to issue an energy efficiency certificate are:

  • Buildings used as places of worship or religious activities.
  • Buildings whose duration of use based on their design does not exceed 2 years.
  • Buildings with uses: Industry, handicrafts, laboratory, warehouse, car parking, petrol stations.
  • For live donation, parental benefit, acceptance of inheritance and donation cause of death.
  • For non-heated auxiliary spaces (warehouses, breweries, handicrafts, etc.) and stadiums / plots without buildings.
  • For renewals / modifications of existing leases (if the date of declaration of the initial lease to the relevant Tax Office is earlier than 9/1/2012 for buildings larger than 50 sq.m. or earlier than 1/1/2016 for buildings less than 50 sq.m. and do not change the tenant or the square meters of the property).